Through the CFM Foundation and our partnerships with universities we are delighted to support fundamental research.


CFM-Imperial Institute of Quantitative Finance

The CFM-Imperial Institute of Quantitative Finance was established in 2014 as a partnership between Imperial College’s Mathematical Finance Group and CFM, with the aim of better understanding financial market complexity through the quantitative modelling and management of financial risks.

Our interdisciplinary research team provides innovative solutions to complex problems in the risk management and regulation of financial markets. Also through the unique collaboration between academics and practitioners, we are training the next generation of researchers and risk managers. For example, our models for the dynamics of liquidity in financial markets is of utmost importance to understand the stability of these markets and the possible occurrence of crashes.

The Institute achieves its goals through:

  • Collaborative research activities involving academics and practitioners.
  • The organisation of high profile scientific events, at the interface of theory and practice with a view to sharing research results to risk managers and regulators.
  • PhD studentships on topics relating to the quantitative modelling of financial risks.
  • Opportunities for Imperial researchers to join the Institute’s research through the CFM-Imperial Postdoctoral Research Fellowship.
  • Opportunities for distinguished international scholars to visit Imperial College and interact with Institute members and students through the CFM-Imperial Distinguished Visitor Series.

CFM Foundation for Research

Our business and investment strategies have been built on an academic approach to finance; using the academic background of our researchers, mainly PhDs in physics or other hard sciences, to exploit inefficiencies in financial markets. We’ve hired many people from top academic institutions and our founders share a similar academic focus. We therefore have always had good access to and relationships with the some of the world’s leading universities. This is especially true in France, where we are headquartered. In 2009, we decided that we wanted to make a direct contribution to research efforts in areas beyond our direct interests but in an area that we understand and are passionate about. We therefore created The CFM Foundation for Research.

The Foundation’s activities are as follows:

The financing of three to five PhDs per year in exact sciences on varying themes (eg physics, mathematics, economics, theoretical biology). The scholarships total €30,000 per year each, 10% of which will allow the student to travel, present their results to international conferences or to spend time in a foreign lab:

  • Sponsorship of international exchanges between researchers.
  • Providing assistance in the publication of papers and theses.
  • Helping with the organisation or participation in symposiums or conferences.
  • Financing of research projects.

In addition, we have long been concerned about the growing income gap between commerce and academia and the associated trend of academics prematurely joining the workforce. We are helping to address this by offering PhD scholarships to the best young scientists, enabling them to carry out their doctoral degree without financial concerns. The Foundation selects recipients according to excellence: that of the student, the subject and the PhD advisor. These scholarships are not just available to French students and we hope they will also attract high-value foreign students, for whom there is currently a dearth of available scholarships.