We pride ourselves on our distinct culture and values that are a product of the people who work here and our longevity.

Over 75% of our people are researchers and developers, creating an environment more like a research-focused, technology firm than a finance company. Most of our researchers have scientific PhDs and, unusually, their backgrounds prior to joining us are almost exclusively academic. We have an inclusive and cosmopolitan outlook, so whilst our heritage is French, we have over 30 nationalities in our offices in Paris, London, New York, Tokyo and Sydney. This is reflected in our low turnover, once people join us they tend to stay and we are delighted to have been awarded the Great Place to Work accolade in 2017. We think this is a function of working in a place with creativity and intellectual rigor not to mention the satisfaction of being involved in solving some of the most intellectually challenging problems in global financial markets. 

Collaboration is essential for us and is actively encouraged. Remuneration and structure are all designed to foster this collaborative spirit, not only because it makes for a productive working environment, but also because it encourages innovation, which is crucial in our business.

We have retained our entrepreneurial spirit and, importantly, the ownership structure gives us the control and autonomy to make decisions collectively about how the firm is run and its future direction.

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